By the time he was 38, Marc de Beauvau-Craon had risen to be Connétable (Prime Minister) of Lorraine. He was responsible for Lorraine's diplomatic negotiations throughout Europe including the deployment of its army, as well as being the tutor of François III, Duke Leopold's son. (François III's daughter, Marie-Antoinette later married Louis XVI and became the Queen of France).
Château de Haroué gives a rare glimpse of the glamour and opulance that this independant region once enjoyed. The Château was decorated by the same artists who worked for Duke Leopold and King Stanislas including Jean Lamour (1698 - 1771) and Jean Pillement (1728 - 1808) and Barthélemy Guibal (1699 - 1757). The golden salon (pictured above) and the Pillement tower with its chinese paintings (Château & Gardens page) are unique in France.
In 1737 Marc de Beauvau-Craon was appointed Vice Roi of Tuscany, and as a
consequence, various parts of the Château are influenced by this region. He returned to live permanently in Haroué in 1749 until his death in 1754.

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Château de Haroué