The castle of Haroué was built by a great architect called Germain Boffrand (1667-1754), commanded by Marc de Beauvau-Craon, a childhood friend of the Duke Leopold of Lorraine.

Since its construction, 1720-1732, the castle has always belonged to the same family.

Marc de Beauvau-Craon, the constructor of the castle was vice King of Tuscany, tutor of Francois de Lorraine, who was the son of Duke Leopold. Francois de Lorraine was the father of Marie-Antoinette, wife of Louis 16th, himself the brother of Louis 18th, who was going to have made all royal furniture, that came to Haroué through donations in the 19th century, all of which remains in the castle.

Marc de Beauvau-Craon son, Charles-Just de Beauvau, was minister of the war under Louis 16th "Marechal de France", member of the French academy. He built "L'hotel Beauvau" place Beauvau in Paris, which is actually the ministry of Interior.
It is artists from Lorraine that contributed to the embellishment of the castle, the gates, the balconies and the iron staircase were all done by Jean Lamour (1698-1791).
One of the towers of the castle is painted by Pillement (1698-1791) and the statues in the park are the work of Barthélemy Guibal (1699-1757), who was the sculptor of the fountains place Stanislas in Nancy.
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